Thinking of Next Steps?

We don’t pretend that the steps you are thinking of taking are easy ones. There are a lot of questions and many factors that must be weighed with each decision. If you are interested in talking about how we can help makes those steps a little lighter, just send us a note at the link below.

Walk with us.



When did Serenity's Steps begin?

Officially, Serenity’s Steps was incorporated in 2012, but our founders have been walking with women since 2006. We began our social enterprise That Grace Restored, in 2013.

How many women are currently in your program?

We are currently walking with over 30 women all of whom are in different stages of change. We have two full-time participants in our paid vocational development program, That Grace Restored

Where can I share my volunteer stories?

The easiest place to share your stories is on social media. We have both Facebook and Twitter accounts. Share away!

Where are your offices located?

We are in the beautiful city of Hapeville, Ga. Our address is 789 N Central Ave Hapeville, Ga 30354.
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Serenity’s Steps offers the only long-term, paid vocational development program for sex workers and the sexually exploited here in Atlanta. Our success is deeply dependent on our talented community of volunteers. By the end of 2016, we would love to have 45 dedicated volunteers in various positions within our organization.


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