Lasting Change

Day 28!!! We made it! Thank you so much for coming alongside us for the month of February and as a community praying for our women, our city and our team. Your prayers and support truly do make an impact. On our last day of the #28daysofprayerchallenge, we are praying for lasting change. We have asked for prayer for everything from strength and hope for our women to conviction in the hearts of pimps and johns to perseverance and encouragement for our team. All of these things put together lead to the one thing we all want most – change. Change in the lives, change in hearts and change in our city. Please pray with us that this change would be sustainable and lasting – that we would keep standing up for victims, keep working to support those who have been exploited, keep repenting and keep pushing ahead in the midst of struggle. By the grace of God, together, we can be His hands and feet to live out the Gospel, which is the true enactor of change. #28daysofprayer

We’re in it to end it!

You may be wondering what all the red X’s on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram mean, as well as what all this talk about the “End It Movement” is about.  End It Movement is an organization that raises awareness for all types of human trafficking and exploitation – modern day slavery in the form of factory workers, sex workers and mine workers to name a few.  There are over 27 million people in the world who still suffer from slavery!  Today, on the 27th of February, the End It Movement is inviting us all to join with them, draw red X’s on the back of our hands, and tell the world that human trafficking and slavery are still very real for so many of our fellow human beings! 

Today we raise our voice.  Today we stand together and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Will you stand up too? #enditmovement Watch the video below to learn more! 


Day 27!! One more day to go in our #28daysofprayerchallenge! Today please pray with us for perseverance! There are many tough days for our women as they work hard to make changes in their lives. As a team, we struggle to keep pressing forward when we face obstacles like lack of funding or complicated situations with our women that require a little extra creative thinking. However, we believe in our mission, and have faith that God is doing great things in and through the women with whom we work. So we persevere. We know you have faith with us, and are constantly standing by us with your prayers and support. Thank you for being part of our team and contributing to the fight against the exploitation of women!


During our #28daysofprayer challenge, we have asked for prayer for our women, our city and our team. Above all, it is our desire to work together to be a community that is equipped to support women exiting the sex industry, active in our collaboration for the good of the women and invested in the future of our women, which consequently affects the future of our city. Please pray with us that we as a larger community – our women, our city and our team – would foster a true sense of community among each other, and that together we would make strides towards the healing and empowerment of exploited women and the development of the place and people we call home.

Committed Partners 

As we work with women exploited in the sex industry who have different needs, our need for professional partners in the community grows. Women come to us with a broad range of backgrounds, each demanding different services including counseling, mental health assessments, general physicians, OB/GYN’s, dentists, legal counsel, mentoring, job training and placement, tutoring, housing and childcare. While we do have several current partners with whom we work, we can always use more individuals who are willing to donate their time and services to supporting our women. Please pray with us today that more professionals in the city would become interested in supporting Serenity’s Steps by donating their talent for the good of exploited women. Three more days in our prayer challenge!