Board of Directors


Sherri Scott

In her 17 years as a media professional, Sherri Daye Scott has done a bit of everything: ran corporate communications for a Forbes-list convenience retailer; helped Coca-Cola sell more syrup to restaurants at Fitzgerald+Co; top-edited a leading B2B publication; acted as a foodservice expert for Fox Business, CNN, USA Today, CNBC and NPR—and produced an award-winning short film (or two) along the way. Her agency background, coupled with her firsthand understanding of how client-side marketing decisions are made and how compelling stories are crafted, makes for a unique mix of skills and connections.


Brandy Protho 

Brandy provides coaching, encouragement, and leadership to victims of commercial sexual exploitation. In addition to being a Serenity’s Steps board member, she serves multi-disciplinary teams such as Wellspring Living, Georgia Center of Child Advocacy Center, and the Intersect Project Advisory Council Member where she provides vital information about the victims and survivors in order to help determine the sense of urgency for specialized services. She also serves as an advocate for victims as they progress through the System of Care treatment plan.  Brandy has served as the Tri-chair of the Prevention Work Group, a part of the Governor’s Office of Children Families Crisis Intervention Team, a co-trainer with GOCF trainers to youth serving providers, as part of the role of the Intervention Specialist under Children’s Advocacy Center. Brandy’s past personal life experiences as a CSEC victim, her relentless compassion to help CSEC victims during their healing process, her non-judgmental approach, and her passion to mentor troubled youth make her an integral part of Mpower. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Brandy a graduate of I.T.T. Technical Institute, with Associates Degree of Computer-Aided Drafting. Currently, continuing education in Psychology. Brandy is not just a survivor, but a leader.

Audra Starr, entrepreneur

Susan Perry, staff development at Piedmont Healthcare

Missy Maude, artist and entrepreneur