Mission, Vision and Values


To walk with sex workers and the sexually exploited as they pursue dignity, hope and self-sufficiency.

To create a series of resources and environments that enable sex workers and the sexually exploited to flourish.


We believe that all human beings are inherently valuable not because of what they do, but because of what they are. Our equality is based in our common human nature, not our material possessions. Therefore we treat everyone as dignified even when she believes her experiences and circumstances communicate the contrary. Our desire is for everyone to realize his value and to live a valuable, dignified life. This life includes a deep sense of personal responsibility, a strong work ethic and an unassailable sense of self-worth.

We believe that the ambiance of an environment can either contribute or detract from one’s restorative experience. So we seek to create environments that are both beautiful and therapeutic.

While we believe that there are a general set of moral principles and virtues that are necessary for human flourishing, we believe that our fulfillment cannot be achieved without the grace of God as displayed in the cross of Christ. This commitment to the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection permeates all we do either explicitly or implicitly.

Human beings are social animals. We depend on each other for every facet of our well being. Therefore, we seek to live in true community with those who seek our assistance. We also collaborate with other businesses, churches and organizations within the community to bring about real, lasting change in the lives of the women with whom we partner.

The family is basic unit of society and it is on this basic unit that the rest of society is built. Therefore we are committed to restoring these units whenever we can. We want the families of our women to be part of their healing and restoration.