Helping Survivors Write Their Next Chapter


Serenity’s Steps provides life coaching and resources to sex workers and the sexually exploited.


L I F E  C O A C H I N G

We understand that making lasting changes usually comes with many obstacles and much opposition. We build trusting relationships to help individuals see the assets they may already possess and to connect them to other resources that may be readily available and able to advance them closer to their personal goals. Our work is rooted in building trust, setting goals, and fostering accountability and empowerment.

G E D  T U T O R I N G

Advancing into a career path outside of the commercial sex industry can feel daunting without having had basic educational resources offered or the support at home to achieve those goals. We have built a team of skilled volunteers with a heart for teaching to walk alongside and tutor those seeking a GED.




We believe all human beings are inherently valuable not because of what they do or what they have, but because of who and what they are.


We are committed to the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection, and this permeates all we do either explicitly or implicitly.


We seek to live in true community with survivors and collaborate with churches, businesses, civic and cultural organizations to develop resources and support systems.


We hold that the family is the basic unit of a just and loving society and encourage the families of our survivors to be part of the healing and restoration process whenever possible.


When did Serenity's Steps begin?

Officially, Serenity’s Steps was incorporated in 2012, but our founders have been walking with women since 2006.

How many women are currently in your program?

We are currently walking with over 100 women and their families, all of whom are in different stages of change.

Where can I volunteer?

Join us for our community cookouts every other Saturday on Fulton Industrial Blvd. Contact us for more information and event details.

What are your current needs?

Our main need is a drop-in space located on Fulton Industrial Blvd. to help us facilitate our meetings and resources offered within our mentorship program.

Thinking of Next Steps?

We don’t pretend that the steps you are thinking of taking are easy ones. There are a lot of questions and many factors that must be weighed with each decision. If you are interested in talking about how we can help makes those steps a little lighter, just send us a note at the link below.