Serenity’s Steps is a non-profit organization that provides life-coaching and resources to sex workers and the sexually exploited in the United States. Our clients include adult entertainers, prostitutes, escorts, and victims of sex trafficking and exploitation. Our work is rooted in building trust, setting goals, and fostering accountability and empowerment.


We spend the bulk of our time building trust and authentic relationships with people within the commercial sex industry, oftentimes seeking them out in their places of work and their communities. Our main target area is Fulton Industrial Blvd. in Atlanta.

After a relationship has been built, if there is a desire to move in a different direction with their lives we use motivational interviewing to help develop a customized plan to help them accomplish their personal goals and aspirations. Action steps are individualized and extremely personalized. If they have the means to accomplish some of these tasks, it’s just a matter of follow-up.

If they don’t have any assets at their disposal, then we facilitate and execute the life plan in collaboration with them. Check-ins continue throughout the completion of goals, and we create experiences to foster deeper friend/family relationships and community building (birthday parties, celebrating children's birthdays and accomplishments, etc.)

Our approach is centered around you as a person, and not just your goals. We know this provides wind in the sails for the future and gives a sense of dignity.

We currently facilitate regular community cookouts on Fulton Industrial Blvd. in an effort to unite the existing community and deepen our relationships with all of our community partners. We also offer GED tutoring, financial planning education, and will soon be offering counseling services and recovery groups.

We had to put our vocational development program on hold but hope to continue it in the future.