Our Staff


Leroy Lamar - Executive Director

Leroy is a husband, father and educator-turned-activist who has lived among sex workers in Southwest Atlanta for the past seven years. He previously graduated with a B.A. in Bible with a concentration in Youth Ministries, and has completed Master’s degree in Christian Apologetics and working on one in philosophy.  When he isn't hanging out in the neighborhood, he is either reading obscure philosophy books or watching (or re-watching) Disney movies. Go figure.

leroy (at) serenityssteps.org


Nikki Reeves - Business Administrator & Outreach Coordinator

Hailing from Michigan, Nikki is a true Midwesterner -- honest, loyal and a giver. After graduating from Cornerstone University with a Bachelor's in Business Management, specializing in Ministry, she moved to St. Croix looking to aid the local community. While in the Virgin Islands, Nikki created an after-school program for at-risk kids and worked with homeless, substance abusing adults. Upon her move to Atlanta in 2013, she volunteered with anti-trafficking organizations before finding a home with Serenity's Steps. During her downtime, Nikki loves hosting gatherings with her friends, and they all know she can make a mean Old-Fashioned.

nikki (at) serenityssteps.org